GRP Construction Profiles

GRP Construction Profiles are the alternative to conventional materials such as steel or aluminium.

They can be used everywhere where high demands are placed on the material. GRP Construction Profiles can be statically highly sustainable constructions, such as building stairs, ladders or platforms.

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GRP Construction Profiles are produced by the pultrusion process. In principle all profiles are transversely reinforced with glass fibre mats. Rovings in the core of the profiles bear the longitudinal forces. This configuration allows the bearing of heavy loads and high stress.

More about the pultrusion process can be found here.


GRP Profiles are additionally equipped with a veil on the surface - for protection against UV rays and weather conditions.

Load calculation with BendIT ©

To calculate several load cases easily and quickly we provide our customers with a free download of the innovative programme BendIT© in version 1.2.5.