The Composite Solution for Reinforcement

Building elements often must be restored or even replaced because of corrosion damage to the steel reinforcement, leading to a destruction of the concrete structure. This is particularly true for components exposed to de-icing salt. With the deployment of GRP reinforcements, corrosion is an issue of the past. It drastically reduces the number of repairs needed to the construction components. GRP reinforcements are mainly applied to concrete and polymer concrete building parts.


But there are many other applications:

The same advantages as for plastering walls also apply to plastering ceilings. Here the improved adhesion of the plaster is even more important.


► Reinforcements

GRP mesh mats are also excellently suited for large-scale fencing. In addition to their low weight, they are also highly weather-resistant and maintenance-free.


► Fences

GFK grids are weather and UV resistant. They do not rot. Replacement of the grille after a few years is unnecessary.

Choose the colour of the grille to match the surface or the colour of the plant.

Open ponds are always a potential source of danger for playing children or animals.

Therefore, secure your pond with a stable GRP grid just below the water surface. With an appropriate colour, the grid remains largely invisible.

Installation example with 2 fence profiles, also made of GRP.